What I Got For Christmas 2016

Christmas is such a wonderful time of the year. Along with Christmas carols, spending time with family and gift giving, I also get excited when special people in my life put so much thought and time into getting me a gift.

This blog post is not to brag about what I was gifted but as a fellow blog reader "What I got for Christmas" blog posts are one of my favourite to read, maybe because I'm a tad nosey?

This year I was so spoiled and overwhelmed by the thought and time that went into every gift I received. It made me feel so special to have wonderful people in my life who really care about putting a smile on my face. 

I may have dropped a few hints to hubby about this one. I love a good coffee table book especially with a stunning cover and beautiful spine. I have not had a chance to read it yet but I can't wait to get into it.

I was super spoilt with this mega organiser from Kikki K. The best part is that you can interchange the inside contents so you can use this for many years by buying the updated calender pages.

I have been lusting after Black Opium for a few years now but never committed myself to buying it. This year I got super lucky and found it under my tree from my mum.

A surprise gift was the Kit eye-shadow pallet. I'm a bit of a makeup hoarder so someone who new this addiction gifted it to me. I was so happy with the range of colours and pigmentation in this pallet I can't wait to crack it open and create a new look.

My next gift was a Fossil leather bracelet, something that I wouldn't necessarily get myself had it not been gifted to me, however I love it! You can really customise a look by noting it, and I love how the burnt orange works with my pale skin. I really love getting gifts outside my norm as it pushes me to try new things.

This gift is truly stunning! My first Mimco item and in my favourite colour, rose gold. My friend really took it to the next level by getting my initials stamped on the back. 

I have so many fake succulents all over my house so it was lovely to finally get my first real one. I hope I can keep it alive, but this is coming from someone who nearly killed an air plant.

Dusk does great candles made in Australia and my friend got me this beautiful one. It smells amazing and comes in stunning packaging with a black marble lid.

I was lusting over this Hourglass ambient lighting edit pallet and was lucky enough to receive a few Mecca gift cards. It's a stunning pallet and I have been using it daily. It doesn't hurt that the packaging is in marble either.

When I was in Sephora earlier in December I saw the Metal Matte pallet and asked my husband if he could add this to my presents for Christmas. I'm so glad I got this, it has beautiful pigmentation and I have seen that it has been recently marked down to 40% off so go check it out.

I've heard lots about the Lancome Juicy shakers and was excited to see this in my stocking. The concept is really cool and I like how low maintenance the product is to use. It created a beautiful hydrated stain on the lips and is really easy for a more natural makeup look.

I couldn't put all my amazing gifts in this Blog post but I am grateful for everyone of them and was very spoilt.

What did you get for Christmas? Let me know in the comments below.