Instagram Tips Part One

Instagram is such a great platform for a business in terms of marketing and getting your name and products out to a mass community of million of users. I have many tips that I want to share with your from my many years running Colour Me Happy Decorating and gaining a sufficient following.

Interact with your followers

It's so important that when you get comments on your posts that you reply to those users, this helps build a relationship with local followers. Instagram is a community and a great way to build rapport with fellow people that have similar interests to you.

Interact with the accounts you're following

Interacting with fellow businesses or accounts that are similar to yours helps you make great Instagram friends and builds that community around you and your account.

Change your Instagram to a business account

This is a great feature that was offered to the public last year. It lets you see information on your followers such as engagement times, Location of followers, how many clicks your website is getting and also creates a "contact" button on your Instagram that takes the clicker straight to sending an email.

More information on how to make this change

Know the highest engagement time

Post at key times when the majority of your followers are active on social media, this helps you get maximum likes and comments on your pictures. This also helps you get featured in the search page of Instagram exposing your page to many new potential followers.

Don't spam

This is one of my pet peeves on my personal account, getting followed by a user who has followed thousands of accounts knowing they only want me to follow them back. So don't follow this practice, this makes your page looks like its not a legit or serious business account.

I hope you have found Part One of my continuing guide helpful!

Dayna xx