New Couch, New Me.

I'm back! I know I haven't posted in a while as life has gotten away from me over the past six months. There have been many changes and a lot has happened, but that's for another time.

What's got me so inspired to jump back into blogging? My stunning new sofa bed from Amart Furniture! I was so fortunate that they reached out and wanted me to work on introducing their range of stylish sofa beds with you all. Upon looking at the range my heart sung for the Sarina because it can be so hard to find a comfortable let alone stylish click clack sofa bed.


You know I love colour so I had to choose the blue version, but it is available in a fashionable grey colour also. The delivery was easy and came in one big box. The couch was simple to assemble as you only need to screw on the feet and slide in the arms, I completed this completely hubby free.

I chose to really enhance the blue of the couch by adding blue into the artwork to bring the whole room together, it's also nice to add a bit of pink to offset. I added pink through the coffee table styling along with the terrazzo cushion which has a hint of blue and pink through it.

Greenery is always a must for me, so you will see a number of faux plants around this space. I did go on a real plant kick at the start of the year unfortunately that only lasted a few months as it became a self-confessed plant murder. I added a black lamp and pot to ground all the bright colours, from the couch to the art, you can't go wrong with a bit of black. Does it ever go out of style?

Love the Sarina like I do? Shop it here!