Spend A Saturday With Me

Saturdays for me are a work day due to the fact I work full time all week. Even though its technically "work" it really is my passion and makes the day go really fast.

I love a cheeky sleep in on my day off, sleeping is really a passion of mine too haha. Upon waking I always check my social media like Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat then after being up to date with the rest of the world I force my self out of bed by 11am.

Shooting for brands is something I do a lot. Today was all about getting three shots for the candle brand Inoko. This is a collaboration between myself and my husband who edits the shots for me. It took anywhere from thirty to fifty shots over several hours just to get the perfect images.

Lunch time took place at 2pm this is a time I tend to chill out and try to recharge my creativity. I never pass the chance to pop down to the shops to grab Sumo Salad and Cha Time, I'm obsessed with the guava black ice tea.

My phone is never far away while I'm eating, I scroll through Instagram, check Instagram stories and get caught up with the past few hours while I have had my face in the camera.

The most time consuming shots to take and prep are of my bed. This is due to the fact I have to change all the bed-linen and style it as per the look I am trying to create. This extends to the bedside side tables as well as I need to change it up for every look. I was quite efficient with this look, overall it only two hours to style, shoot and dismantle the lights.

Didn't know I used lighting? While I think natural light is the best light, some days I don't have the time to wait for that perfect time of day to get the light I need. That's why I find it so much more convenient to pull the lights out and get the shot done. I also feel it works great by adding more light to the exsiting natural light.

I have a special relationship with my bed and don't like like it to feel neglected or unloved, hence why I love to work from bed. Once all my shots are done I start blog writing, I like to have a few saved so I have content just in case I caught with life and cant find the time to write a post. Blog posts can take an hour to hours to write depending on the topic or if I have to research. On this occasion I took an hour out of the day to start writing the start of this post......inception.

And then after a long but productive day it was time for hubby and I to watch a movie. I decided on Silence and to be honest I got half way through and turned it off as I did not enjoy it at all. 

I hope you enjoyed seeing what happens behind the scenes and what it looks like to be an Instagrammer and blogger.