Hallway Make Over

I've been refreshing a lot of the spaces in my home by de-cluttering and changing around older pieces. I finished the hallway with a back and white theme, I thinks it's stylish and chic.

I started by taking down the old art and went from 4 frames down to 2. One I bought from Art Connect featuring the lips and the other of the woman I brought from Etsy for only a few dollars. 

I wanted to get a real plant and decided on a cane palm because I just love the look. The planter was a great find, it's massive in size and only cost $39 from Target. I love the look of having greenery in the home it adds life and freshness.

On my black hall table I've got a collection of white, black and silver trinkets, along with faux orchids and a faux plant. I love my silver skull, especially because its super handy to throw my sunglasses on.

I bough my Hall table many years ago, it was ex-display stock and was slightly damaged. It was originally white and had a few marks on it, so I decided to paint it black. I really do love the outcome and can see myself using this piece for years to come.

In a small corner of the hall I have a faux plant on a Kmart plant stand. Above I have tin street signs, I also have had them for many years but really love the look and colour it adds to my wall. I get a lot of positive comments on them and I feel it creates a bit of character to this corner which leads to my kitchen.

There you have it! My small hallway make over. i'm happy with the outcome and feel it has added a freshness to the space, I'm just really hoping I can keep my first plant alive,.. keep your fingers crossed for me.