Phuket Week One

Day One - Wednesday

Waking up on a perfect Wednesday morning in Rawai Beach Phuket, our choice of location for most of our two week holiday. Rawai Beach is right across the road from our accommodation and is used as a launching point for island excursions. You certainly feel a sense of calm looking out past the long boats to Bon Island.

We decided on a morning drive and let my dad who is a regular to Phuket and now my personal tour guide take us sightseeing. We first stopped at Karon Viewpoint which giving us stunning views over Kata Noi, Kata Yai and Karon beaches. It's a large tourist attraction and while it can get very busy throughout the day I highly recommend it for some beautiful shots.

We next stopped for lunch at Baan Chom View restaurant which is on the hill road between Kata and Rawai. Along with a great selection of seafood you can also expect traditional Thai meals and even western cuisine. It is a great spot for another picture opportunity with the stunning view, this spot is very popular at night so I recommend booking a table for evening dinning.

Day Two - Thursday

Thursday morning was a day I was looking forward to because my Dad was on the hunt for a new couch for his apartment here in Phuket. I was eager to see what Phuket home décor had to offer and how the trends differ. While shopping I discovered they catered to the international market and noticed items that were on trend for Australia as well as Asian, American and European influences.

Lunch was at Dickies Light House overlooking the serene Chalong Bay. They had a good selection of well made Australian style food including club sandwiches, burgers and such, but don’t fret if you are looking for good Thai food because they still meet the mark. Just up from the pier was a busy area full of tourists boats servicing the many popular surrounding islands.

Located hidden in the back streets of Rawai is Norbu Steakhouse. They offer a unique experience with interesting décor and swiss inspired cuisine that is very different from the rest of the Rawai area. It's a bit more on the pricier side but their service, food and overall atmosphere is one to be tried.

Day Three - Friday

After a tropical morning storm we headed out for a road trip up the west coast of Phuket, which in its self is a beautiful drive. First stop was Bangto an hour drive from our departing destination in Rawai. It had a nice beach full of deck chairs, umbrellas and the cutest bar that was inside a vintage combi van. While we didn’t stop for drinks I could only imagine how delicious they would be on a day like today, basking in the sun as the clouds disappear from the sky.

Eleven minutes up the road was my favourite stop of the day, Banana beach! You would have no idea driving past that there was a beach below the mountain side road. Down a steep walk, trying to hold on to tree roots and not fall right down the bottom was one of the most magical beaches I have seen. Due to its hard to find location there was only four other people on the beach with us. With the sound of the waves crashing on the beach I felt like I could stay forever.

Once I pulled myself out of my dream land living on Banana beach it was time to head just a little further up the coast for some lunch at Nai Thon beach, where I indulged in a delicious Tom Yum soup.

From all our driving and stopping along the way it was already mid afternoon so we decided it was time to turn around and head back to Rawai. We stopped very quickly at Patong so we could run up Bangla road, because some family had us on a mission to find some fakies. I personally don’t stop at Patong often and if I do its no more than a day to get my shopping done. I really prefer the quieter side of Thailand that I find further down the coast.

Day Four - Saturday

Saturday was a day of relaxing and basking under the warm sun, it was also my dads last day with us before his return to Australia. We then would be left in Phuket for another ten days to our own devices.

In between napping and some pool time we managed to squeeze in a massage, its a hard life isnt it!? Our choice for dinner was Fish Bar in Rawai, its a beautiful location next to the pier, over looking Bon Island. The food is fantastic here and it has great décor, followed by amazing service. I highly recommend getting a meal from there if your in the Rawai area.

Day Five - Sunday

After a good sleep in, we got up and had a late breakfast as we would be heading to the Old Phuket walking market in the afternoon. We wanted to arrive there with a empty belly as there are many street vendors to eat from and I wanted to try to fit in as much as I could.

We arrived very early at the markets while it was still being set up, with hunger in our bellys we looked for a cafe. We stumbled across this super cute cafe called The Tent where they had teepees to dine. This by far is not a cheap place to eat at but the service and uniqueness justified the cost. To get in a quick drink we then stopped at The Rusta Cafe, it had an authentic feel with tall ceilings filled with greenery. Its a Great place to stop for a drink, check out the live music or to watch some sport on one of their many TVs.

My Recommendation would be to arrive by about 5.00pm as it is still light and pretty quiet, this means you can do a lap of the vendors getting a good look at what they have to offer and get some good photos of the buildings. Once the sun came down and we got some food and photos it was about 8pm, by that stage it was getting so busy you could hardly walk and there was big lines for food and seating so we decided to head off.

I really enjoyed the markets, with the great mix of older traditional street vendors along with younger ones offering European style food such as burgers and fried chicken. The buildings are wonderful and you can get some really cool photos down the street and ally ways. If you're going to Phuket this is a must visit, add it to your!

Well that's week one over, it always goes so fast! Stay Tuned for week two over the next coming weeks.