Eating Like A Milennial

When it comes to eating I realise I'm living up to my millennial title. My life consists of subscription food boxes, pre-made lunches and delivered restaurant food, and I don't feel bad about it! Let's face it, it's better than eating fast food right? Or is it playing into the lazy and entitled stereotype of Millennials?

Even though I'm in my late 20s without children I'm time poor. Between working full time, working through lunches and running a small business on the side, I want my meals to be easy but delicious so I can spend more of my free time relaxing and decompressing.


I have not mastered breakfast, you can often find me rushing around in the morning walking out the door with a piece of burnt toast hanging out of my month, trying not to drop my handbag and various other crap that I take to work on a daily basis that I don't need. If all else fails Maccas do a nice ham and cheese toasty that only takes an additional five minutes on my work commute. It's not something I like to admit but it's life.


Most of my lunches are at my desk so what I want is something healthy, easy and is already organised for me. I've been ordering Lite n' Easy lunches for several months now and I enjoy most of the meals are fresh and not just frozen. They also come with snacks that actually taste good. When ordering the lunches you can choose your favourite out of two options, I have for the most part managed to find something I like weekly. It's all delivered to your door weekly and is affordable costing only $54 for five days.


I've only just admitted to myself I'm not a good cook, I try and I fail. One way I know dinner will always turn out good is by ordering ingredients and delivery food boxes. I have tried a few such as Marley Spoon and Hello Fresh, but my preferred is Hello Fresh. I like to order one box a week and vary it from three to five meals.  All the meals are designed to be healthy but tasty and they have never let me down, I always end up loving them.

When I'm out of my Hello Fresh I'm a sucker for restaurant delivered food. Unfortunately, Uber Eats is not available in my area so my go to is Eat Now. It has such a varied selection of cuisines and I find delivery charges are reasonable. You might be thinking why don't you just go out to eat? Sometimes a girl just wants sit in her pj's and write a blog post while eating amazing food.

I think in this fast paced world our eating habits have changed drastically and convenience rules. Am I a total bratty millennial or can you relate to my eating habits?