Chatting With Sara

Chatting With Sara

You may be thinking, Sara Sidari why does that sound familiar? If you have been following me for a while I had an amazing personal illustration created for my Instagram profile picture from the beautiful and talented Sara Sidari.

We have kept in touch and have been stalking her Instagram envious as she has travelled around Italy for the past few months and I think it’s time we had a chat on what she’s been up to and some new exciting work coming up. Have a read below as she talks about her inspirations, famous clients and what's next.

When did you realise you had a talent for illustrating?

“I started drawing before I started speaking, it's always been something I've naturally had. My friends and family knew me for this creativity but it wasn't until I began studying architecture which allowed me to learn new techniques and programs that I creatively found interesting that helped progress my natural ability with those to create a very distinct style of illustration and art.'“


At what point did you start offering your services to clients/customers?

“It's fairly interesting how it all came about, I had just finished studying my masters in architecture and was waiting to start a major project for a top firm. While waiting a few months for that to start I decided to start illustrating again just for fun, and I had also just started diving into Instagram at the time. I had my mums Chanel perfume bottle in front of me on my desk and began illustrating it and then posted the one photo on Instagram for my friends to see, a few hours later I had an influx of messages about purchasing the print so that's when this idea of turning my love into a business came about, and I'm so so glad I did, it's been an incredible journey so far.”


You have recently been living abroad what did you learn about yourself and what effect will this have on your work?

“Living overseas for a year and of all places Italy I can say I have come back with a greater knowledge base but most importantly the inspiration, colours, textures of each city and their versatility has inspired me so much. Italy is one of those countries that every single town and city has its own identity, waking through the streets, the smells, the buildings the design and the art it's everywhere you turn, every single little stone tells a story and history of this stunning country. The flowers and change of tree shapes as you move from north to south is incredible. I'm currently working on a new collection called Italian summer which is drawing cities I travelled to from north to south, specifically representing the architectural grain of the cities and colours in my style, once the collection is complete it will clearly tell the story of this distinct variation throughout Italy. They are all limited edition pieces and only 20 of each size will be printed, which is what I usually do with each collection.”

Who creativity inspires you?

“I have a lot of people I look up to in the creative field that inspires me not necessarily artists but many architects such as Steven Holl who has a very distinct style of creating watercolour sketches and beautiful textural drawings to represent his architecture which I find emit so much emotion. Art and architecture allows someone to have an emotional response to something you have created, it's the connection that draws people in, it has to tell a story. I also love Karl Lagerfeld and Dolce and Gabbana as they have fun with fashion and mix illustrations into their designs, to create incredible pieces of art. I love to do the same in my illustration which can be seen in one of my favourite collections I've done which is the "Queens limited edition" collection, which is inspired by the Italian culture of playing cards yet illustrate four strong queens with a fashion twist, inspired by some of Italy's fathers of fashion. Also, my travels inspire me the most.”


Who is your dream client/customer?

“This is a hard question because there are so many people I would love to illustrate for, I've actually always dreamt about a custom illustrated bag for Stefano Gabbana.”


What is your favourite piece of work you have created?

“My Nadia Bartel baby show large-scale illustration because it was such a sentimental piece which her loved ones signed and wrote a personalised note around it, knowing she will have that forever is really beautiful and makes what I do worthwhile.”


What advice would you give to fellow illustrators and artists who are nervous to put their work out on social media?

“Best advice I can give and this goes for all things, never be scared to take the firsts step, I know that illustrations can be very daunting to put up as they are essentially a representation of you, your emotions but its the best thing you can do on personal level and most importantly do it for you not for anyone else. Never post with the intention it will gain attraction straight away because it's a tough world out there especially on Instagram, don't judge your ability through likes or comments or followers remember there are so many illustrators and so many artists out there. Instagram is heavily dense with content and not everyone is going to love what you do, but just make it you, make it authentic and most importantly make it honest and it will be so worthwhile at the end.”


What to know where you can find more on Sara? Find her on Instagram and on her website.